Shulamit Widawsky ~ about me

Hello, and welcome to my blog: “Courage ~ I can do this.”

It turns out that writing a page “about me” is harder than I expected!  Who am I?  It is a question that haunts.  Something to meditate on…perhaps forever.  But you, dear reader, are looking for something basic and pithy, just to know a bit about the author of this blog, right?  Of course, right.

I am a recovering perfectionist.  Therefore, I will write something for now, recognizing that it is not perfect, because, well, I can do this.

I am a tall, outspoken, Jewish woman, nearing fifty, an author, philosopher, educator, and artist, as well as a professional who helps gifted people navigate life.  I am married to David, and mother of two teenage young men.  I grew up in Southern California, and went on to live in Northern CA, Israel, China, and the Philippines, before moving to a suburb of Washington DC in the 1990’s.  I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Judaism (now called the American Jewish University).  I have taken various courses in art and writing, and graduate courses in philosophy, religion, and counseling.  I have supported myself in the professions of educator, artist, and guider of the gifted.  I plan to move author from amateur to professional, shortly.

As an author, I have written for adults, teens, and children, fiction and non-fiction, articles, essays, and books, but would like to publish much more than I have so far.  My writing goals for this year are to get a picture book manuscript sold, and keep up with this blog at least once or twice a month.

It is worth noting, that I love getting responses to my blog posts.  Please do comment, rate, or “like” with abandon.  I will happily respond.



7 thoughts on “Shulamit Widawsky ~ about me”

  1. How can I contact this lady?
    Would love to follow her blog

  2. Hi Shulamit. Your post on Suicide is amazing. I have been trying to write an article about teen’s suicide without success (was trying to get help from an Adoscent Pediatrician, but people do not like to write…)

    Your view is broader but states a lot of medular concepts, the most important being Successfull Suicide is Forever.

    I was wondering if i could translate it in spanish and post it as a whole or use excerpts of it to taylor an article for my website , a site dedicated to mother/baby from the point of view of an obgyn (me)

    I am from Caracas

  3. Esther Egbu said:

    Hi Shulamit, how do I articulate my thoughts verbally?

    • Lots of practice! Start by keeping a journal that no one but you will see. Start by knowing that your writing will not be great, probably not even good. But if you keep writing, it will improve, and your ability to put your thoughts into words will improve.

  4. Hi Shulamit! I sent you an email from my work address so it may have gone to your junk folder. I used your @yahoo address. Hope you are well!

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