Answer by Shulamit Widawsky:

I feel taller than other people.  People around me mention how tall I am.
I do not feel uncomfortable about this.  It is simply a fact.
Now, if I was under the impression that somehow, being taller made me more valuable, I'd probably be one of those people who stooped, because I wouldn't want to lord it over others.
But I don't feel that way.
And I don't feel that way about my intellect, either.  It is just part of me, like my curly hair, and tall stature.  It does NOT make me better than others.  It only makes me different.  And we're all different in some way.
Does it mean I have an easier time at certain tasks? Absolutely. But a monkey can climb a tree much better than humans.  Is the monkey more valuable?
Every human being is of equal worth and value.  And we are all different.
Enjoy your intellect, and if you are the type to pay attention to gratitude, be grateful for your gift.
And start looking for the value in people you consider stupid.
But don't "stoop."

I feel smarter than other people, what should I do?